A little bit about MXBON

MXBON is engineered in Germany and manufactured to the highest standards. Each bottle is poured in the factory, not shipped overseas in bulk containers and bottled in facilities full of airborne contaminants. Keeping the original formula safe from contamination leads to a faster setting, stronger bonding glue. 
 We don't recommend the use of "kickers" or catalyst sprays to accelerate cure time. With MXBON it is unnecessary and only weakens the final bond. You can use a kicker for the 424 thicker formula which some people find effective . Especially if you are positioning the slower running glue at a specific time . 
We have been offering the product for over 20 years. We have been able to test hands on with many different materials. We can confidently say along with our long time customers "This stuff will glue nearly anything!" It is great for metals, woods, ceramics, stone, glass, and excels when used on rubbers and plastics. The 424 version of MXBON was formulated for use with porous objects like: balsa wood, foam, and various cloths and leathers. The 424 is also useful when extra set time is needed to make small, last second adjustments. 
Each bottle of MXBON glue comes date stamped with the year of production. The glue will hold in the container for years, even after the bottle has been opened. It isn't uncommon for a bottle to last upwards of 5 years! We have had customers send in 1st run bottles from over 10 years ago with useable glue still in the container. The secret in the glue lasting for such a long time is in the formula. No additives, solvents, or fillers to save money. We only use the good stuff and it shows in our product's performance. 
 Every bottle we sell comes with a no questions asked guarantee. 
 -We guarantee it won't dry out in the container within 3 years of purchase. If it does, we send you a new bottle
 -We guarantee it will work as well as we claim it does. If you aren't satisfied, than we aren't either. 100% full refund. No questions asked. 
 -We guarantee customer satisfaction EVERY time. It doesn't matter if it works or not. If you are not happy with our product, we will send you full refund and a return envelope.